Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to Teach a Pomeranian to Lay Down describes the Pomeranian as a lively and affectionate dog that can be an ideal companion for families with children. However, the breed does require firm training from a young age as it can be a cocky, independent thinker. You can train your Pomeranian to lie down on command using basic methods of obedience training. This effective technique uses positive reinforcement. It is important to be patient and consistent with your dog's training to see fast results.



    Take your Pomeranian to a quiet area where he will not be distracted. Keep him on a lead during the initial stages of training to prevent him from wandering away. Begin with the dog in a sitting position.


    Hold a treat in your hand without allowing your Pomeranian to take it. Hold it in front of your dog's nose, and then move your hand down to the ground.


    Praise your Pomeranian and reward him with the treat in your hand if he successfully follows the treat to the ground with his nose and lies down. Say the words, "lie down" while he is practicing the action.


    Repeat the exercise regularly until your Pomeranian manages to associate the command "lie down" with the action. Then try giving the command without coaxing the dog into a lying down position with the treat. Reward him if he succeeds by then giving him a treat and lots of praise.

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