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Puppy Obedience Tips

Puppy obedience training takes dedication, time and patience, along with an

understanding of how the puppy thinks and responds to the world around it. It

is important to start consistent obedience training when the puppy is very young

and to find ways to keep him motivated. "...Many people assume that it can be necessary to get dog training tips earlier to acquiring their pets. Lots of people might find this interesting but a lot of people can concur that this is a really good tip to follow. The problem with a number of pet owners is they will get a dog and then find out that they may be not suitable to take care of them. Finally, they would probably get away from their pets in order to reestablish their old lives. These dog training tips can let people realize what they have got to consider and if they have the time to coach their dogs. These hints will be found on Secrets To Dog Training. By taking the time to perform correct dog training, you will enjoy a lifetime of comfortable a relationship with your "....

Motivation and Training

    A puppy that is motivated learns quickly and tends to look forward to future

    training sessions. To keep the puppy motivated, start out by keeping training

    lessons at a maximum of 10 minutes and use different commands through the

    lessons. In addition, use this time as playtime in between every few commands.

Undivided Attention

    Puppies are easily distracted and, with this in mind, it is important to find a

    quiet place for puppy obedience training. Other people, animals or activities in

    the area can prevent both the trainer and the puppy from focusing on each other.

    Remember, undivided attention is always required for successful training


Unnecessary Repeated Commands

    It isn't necessary to repeat commands over and over, because a puppy can become

    confused by this. Get the puppy's attention, and then give him the command in a

    calm, loud voice and wait a moment before repeating it. This gives him a chance

    to obey the command. The puppy is still learning and a continuously repeated

    command can lose meaning for the puppy.

Choosing the Time

    Choosing the right moment for obedience training sessions is crucial in how the puppy will respond to the lessons. Make sure the puppy is not hungry or too full, is not sleepy or has not just woken up and does not have a full bladder. All of these things can interfere with the pup's motivation and ability to concentrate.


    Puppy obedience training takes lots of patience and dedication. The trainer

    should never attempt obedience training if he is stressed or not feeling well,

    because patience can be cut short and this isn't fair to the puppy. It is best

    to skip a training session during these times, because the puppy does not

    deserve to be over-corrected or yelled at.


    Always praise the puppy when it responds to a command, and remember they are

    frequently distracted and will only carry out simple commands for a short amount

    of time. In the beginning of obedience training, they are basically learning

    what commands are all about, so never expect the puppy to obey a command that

    consists of more than a quick sit, stay or lie down.

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