Friday, November 11, 2016

How to Prevent a Dog From Chewing on Baseboard Trim

Many dogs, whether puppies or fully trained older dogs, develop a tendency to chew on household items, such as baseboards. This can be very frustrating for dog owners, but there are several ways to discourage this behavior. With some patience, and the application of several different training techniques, most owners will be able to break their dogs' chewing habits. Just keep in mind that all dogs are different, and for some the process will take longer than for others.



    Make sure your dog is entertained as much as possible. Like many other undesirable dog behaviors, destructive habits such as chewing usually develop because a dog is bored or lonely. If possible, keep your dog in the room with you while you're at home. This will help to discourage chewing triggered by loneliness.


    Create a no-chew spray solution. These solutions can be homemade or can be a no-chew spray purchased from a local pet store. "...Most people assume that it is crucial to get dog training tips prior to acquiring their pets. Many people might discover this fascinating but a lot of people can recognize that this is a excellent tip to follow. The problem with a number of pet owners is they will get a dog and then find out that they are simply not suitable to take care of them. Eventually, they would get away from their pets in order to bring back their previous lives. These dog training tips can let people know what they should consider and if they have the time to train their dogs. These suggestions can be found on Secrets To Dog Training. Through the time to execute proper dog training, you will enjoy a lifetime of comfortable a relationship with your ".... When using a commercial spray, read the label for instructions on where and how often to apply. To make a no-chew spray that won't ruin your baseboards, grind up jalapenos or cayenne peppers and mix with water. The result should be a watery solution that you can put in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on your baseboards and anything else on which your dog has been chewing that you would like to save from teeth marks. The next time he goes to chew, the taste of the peppers will quickly stop him. Reapply the spray each week. As a bonus, the oil in the peppers will preserve the paint or finish on your baseboards.


    Provide your dog with chewing alternatives. Dog chew toys can be purchased inexpensively from your local pet store. Make sure to give him multiple toys to keep his interest, as dogs can easily get bored with just one toy.


    Give your dog a chew toy whenever you see him start to chew on the baseboards. When you see him doing this, say "No" firmly and provide him with something else to chew on. Praise him as soon as he takes the chew toy and ignores the baseboards.


    Purchase a dog crate or cage, or create an enclosed area in your house where your dog will not have access to your baseboards. Put him in this area when you leave the house so that he is not able to chew on your baseboards while you are gone. By constantly preventing him from chewing on the baseboards, he will, most likely, grow out of this habit.

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