Thursday, April 6, 2017

How Do I Get My Pitbull to Stop Biting People?

Pit bulls are often regarded as one of the most aggressive and potentially dangerous pets to have, with the propensity to easily bite others when agitated or threatened. In fact many cities -- including Cincinnati, Denver and Miami -- have put a ban on owning pit bulls, which have caused serious bodily injury and death to owners and unsuspecting bystanders alike. However, many argue that a pit bull doesn't have to be aggressive and can be trained to be as pleasant as any other lovable pet.



    Start training your pit bull as a puppy, if possible. It's much easier to start training your pet when it's young rather than trying to prevent bad behavior once the pit bull is older.


    Socialize your pit bull early and regularly. Introduce him to a variety of experiences including traffic noises, large groups of people, small animals and thunderstorms, since all dogs tend to fear what they don't understand or haven't been exposed to.


    Assert yourself as the boss of your pit bull, making sure the dog knows who is in charge. Cradle the dog while you hold it in your arms. Cradling encourages submissiveness in your pet.

    When walking a pit bull, never let the dog lead. The pit bull should always walk with you side-by-side.


    Be consistent in how you praise or discipline your dog. Don't praise particular behavior and then discourage similar behavior; draw clear and specific lines on what is and isn't appropriate for your pit bull and don't waver on it.


    Channel your dog's playfulness and aggression away from things like furniture and clothing and into a variety of dog toys and treats. It's important to remember that sometimes a pit bull can grow bored without variety and get into mischief, so ensure that your pit bull has many things to play with instead of furniture and family clothes.


    Never yell and scream at your pit bull. Pit bulls have a propensity for being aggressive with aggressive behavior directed toward them. When disciplining your pet, be as calm as possible.


    Enroll your pit bull in obedience training. Sometimes the help of a trained professional can provide a new perspective in training your pit bull not to bite, and a better outcome.

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