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Frequency of Urination for Puppies

A young dog can have an immune system that is comparatively uncontested, and the pup may not ward off infections as effectively as an adult dog. One of those infections can be a bladder infection, which irritates the wall of the bladder and causes the pup to urinate frequently in small amounts. Additionally, until a dog is approximately three months old, it is physically incapable of controlling the muscles that allow it to hold its urine and bowel movements.

Puppies Urinate a Lot

    If possible, take your puppy outside every hour; at least take it outside within a few minutes after eating or after awakening. Do not feed your puppy after 7 p.m. until it is four months old. Puppies urinate a lot because they can't control their bladders, and the more they drink the more they will urinate.


    Puppies may urinate a lot because of anxiety. Dogs have phobias and fears just as humans do, and frequent urinating can be a symptom of that. Some dogs are simply born predisposed to fear while others have undergone a traumatic event that causes them to be fearful. If this is the case, socialize your puppy early on and don't make the puppy go somewhere that it finds frightening. Talk soothingly to your puppy, and reassure the pup that it is okay. Don't yell at your puppy or hit it when it urinates. Make an earnest attempt to house train your puppy. Clean up the mess immediately so that there is no smell left. If you can't figure out what is wrong and why the dog is urinating so frequently, ask your vet.


    Feed your puppy on a consistent schedule. A dog can eventually learn to control its urine for more than 12 hours when necessary, but a puppy isn't capable of doing this. Let your puppy sleep in a room with people because this will help the puppy to get in sync with your sleep habits, and in time there will be fewer urinating accidents. Give the puppy a dog bed or a blanket, and it will learn how to sleep through the night.

Submissive Urination

    Puppies and dogs may engage in submissive urination, which is the canine's way of expressing its respect or submission to you. When you show up after work, don't be surprised if your puppy urinates. Older dogs that are house trained may even resort to submissive urination. When an adult dog does this, it is a sign of insecurity, notes It can also be the result of having been mistreated or abused. In puppies it means that they haven't yet learned another way to show respect to their owner. Do not lean over your puppy's head to pet it because this is perceived as a dominate position, and the dog will urinate. Squat down and get on the same level as your puppy. Another option is to say 'Hi' to your pup and then keep on walking. Don't stop to pet it because, if you do, the pup is apt to urinate.

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