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Boxer Weight-Pulling Training

The boxer is a medium-sized breed of dog characterized by a short, stocky frame with a short and smooth coat. The breed is related to the English bulldog, sometimes called a German bulldog, but with less pronounced underbite and jowls. Because of their powerful frame, boxers are able to a pull a good deal of weight behind them, a practice useful for training, rehabilitation and competition.

Weight Pulling

    Place a harness, like those used by sled dogs, around the dog, Tie the harness to weight that the dog drags on the ground behind it while walking, much like strength and resistance training done by athletes for lower body power and conditioning. Add weights as the dog becomes stronger. Typically, a light wooden plank, like the flats of a shipping slab, are used as a platform for weight, with a robe tied from the harness to the flat.

Strength Training

    Boxers are noted for both their obedience and strength. Using weight-pull training makes the dog stronger by essentially using the same method as humans do in weight and resistance training. As the dog becomes strong it is able to pull more weight and for longer distances. Since boxers are typically used for guard dogs and in agility and obedience competitions, strength is not only important but making the dog pull a weight demonstrates a great deal of loyalty.


    Occasionally a dog is hurt and requires surgery. Typically, the dog needs a period of rehabilitation to recover strength following that surgery. Begin with very light weights and add more as time goes by. Weight-pull training is frequently used to help a boxer return to its previous strength. It's very important to allow the dog a decent recovery time and not begin too heavily as it may aggravate the injury.


    In addition to agility and flyball competitions, boxers occasionally take part in weight-pulling contests. Dogs pull a certain weight a specific distance as far as possible in order to see which dogs is the strongest. Additionally, discipline plays a large part in competitions as not only do the dogs show off their pulling skills, but the dog's connection to the owner is challenged. Typically, treats aren't offered, leaving dog to pull the weight purely through encouragement by the owner.

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