Friday, August 19, 2016

How to Train a Chihuahua Fox Terrier

A Chihuahua-Fox terrier mixed breed will exhibit a combination of both breed's characteristics. Both the chihuahua and the Fox terrier have a reputation for being willful and stubborn, and both require firm leadership, according to the Dog Breed Info Center. The Chihuahua can struggle with toilet training, whereas the Fox terrier may ignore your commands, especially if there are outdoor distractions present. Instill good habits and manners in your Chihuahua-Fox terrier mix by beginning training at eight weeks.



    Housebreak your Chihuahua Fox terrier mix by taking it outside on a leash immediately after waking, before going to sleep and after meals and active play sessions. If your dog is still a puppy take it outside every two hours as its digestive system is extremely sensitive and the puppy will not be able to stop itself. Avoid carrying your dog to the toilet area as it needs to go through the motions to learn what you expect of it.


    Praise the dog when it passes waste in the desired area and introduce the command "go potty". If you catch your mix passing waste indoors say "no" in a firm voice and lead it outside. Praise it if it finishes in the correct place. Do not scold your dog if you do not catch it in the act as it will not understand.


    Use positive reinforcement to train your dog to follow basic obedience commands. Wait until the dog practices the desired action and then introduce the command, such as "sit", "lie down" or "come". Praise the dog by giving it a special treat, such as a small piece of cheese or chicken and plenty of verbal praise. Practice training in a quiet area where the terrier mix will not be distracted.


    Take your Chihuahua terrier mix for a walk every day to help it to burn energy and to prevent it from developing behavioral issues. Train the dog to walk slightly behind you by walking confidently and giving the occasional treat. Do not walk with tension on the leash. Say "no" in a firm tone and tap the dog on the shoulder if it attempts to walk in front of you or pull on the leash. Walking in front of your dog will encourage it to see you as its leader rather than its follower.


    Show your dog that you are its pack leader to prevent it from developing negative behaviors, such as growling, snapping and guarding its food and toys. Do this by only feeding the dog after the family have eaten as it knows that alpha dogs eat first and subordinates eat second. Make your Chihuahua mix sit and wait before feeding or giving affection. Do not allow the dog to sleep on your bed or jump up on the furniture.


    Train your Chihuahua Fox terrier mix not to snap and growl at people when you are holding it. If it does this, immediately put it down on the floor and say "no" in a firm tone of voice. Avoid picking your dog up when it is showing excitement or demanding your attention. Wait until it is in a calm and relaxed state, and reward this behavior by picking up the dog.

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