Sunday, October 23, 2016

How to Stop a Dachshund From Biting

Because dachshunds are small dogs, some owners may feel that their biting is playful and harmless. However, biting can escalate into more aggressive behavior that places the dog and humans, especially children, in danger. Instead of being just playful behavior, biting is a dachshund's way of trying to assert pack dominance. As a dog owner you must be the dominant one in your relationship with your dog. While training a dachshund not to bite is easiest when it is under 6 months old, it is possible to train your dog at any age using some simple methods.



    Lightly nip the back of your dog's neck by gently pinching him every time he bites as a puppy. This is behavior that a mother dog would exhibit in order to assert her dominance.


    Make a whining noise when he bites you as a puppy. This will show him that his biting hurts you and that it is an undesirable behavior.


    Give your dachshund a toy every time he bites to encourage biting the toy as positive reinforcement.


    Give your dog boundaries by ceasing to give him free rein of the house. You may need to start crate training to help enforce these boundaries.


    Avoid playing rough games with your dog like wrestling and tug of war, as these games encourage biting behavior.


    Hire a professional dog trainer or take your dog to obedience classes, if the steps you take on your own fail to discourage biting behavior. It is important to keep your dog from biting, especially as an adult, since his bites can be harmful. Sometimes professional help is needed to curb this aggressive behavior.

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