Monday, October 24, 2016

How to Train a Boxer Dog From Getting on People's Laps

Boxers are a medium-sized dog commonly used for hunting, as guard dogs and as police dogs. Although they have been used in illegal dog fighting due to their strength, boxers are not an inherently violent breed. Boxers do not bark much, and are usually friendly dogs that prefer to spend their time around people. Although these dogs may want to, their size and weight makes it problematic when they decide to sit in people's laps without permission.



    Sit in front of your dog and look away, ignoring it. When your boxer gets on your lap, push it firmly off and say "Off" in a clear voice.


    Tell your boxer to sit or wait and give it a treat once it has done so to encourage its good behavior.


    Teach your dog not to jump up when you are standing, as this encourages it to jump into your lap when you sit. When your boxer jumps up, take its paws, put them on the ground while saying "Off" and then praise your dog with a treat when it stays down.


    Teach your family, friends and anyone else that encounters your boxer to use the "Off" command.


    Practice this command consistently. Your boxer may take some time to learn it, as they can be a stubborn breed.

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