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Agility Training Courses

Agility training is designed to enhance the obedience of a dog. This training teaches the dog to negotiate an obstacle course, which also increases the canine's confidence. Most courses are timed, and they require a dog to maneuver a course without the guidance of a leash or incentives such as food or toys. Finding the right school or trainer to teach your dog both obedience and agility is crucial in the success of the training. If you're seeking an agility training course or trainer in your area, inquire at the American Kennel Club (see Resources section). There you can do a search and find local clubs that are sanctioned by the AKC.

Skyline Agility Club

    Founded in 1994, Skyline Agility Club is in Garnerville, N.Y. The club offers small class sizes to ensure that each team is allowed to work at its individual pace. "...Most people believe that it can be essential to get dog training tips earlier to having their pets. Lots of people could find this exciting but a lot of people may recognize that this is a excellent tip to follow. The situation with some pet owners is they will get a dog and then find out that they may be not suitable to take care of them. Eventually, they would probably abandon their pets in order to retrieve their old lives. These dog training tips can let people find out what they have to deal with and if they have the time to teach their dogs. These tips will be found on Secrets To Dog Training. Through the time to conduct suitable dog training, you will take pleasure in a lifetime of comfortable companionship with your ".... The training philosophy employs positive training techniques, such as toys and treats, and not using aids such as choke chains. Dogs enrolled in the elementary class should have a grasp of basic commands such as sit, down, stay and come. Skyline Agility Club offers more than 10 courses, from beginner foundations to perfecting the weaves and competition.

Atlanta Dog Trainer

    Atlanta Dog Trainer offers specialized training in a number of areas. The puppy agility training and the dog agility training courses are in Alpharetta, Ga., on farmland. Courses include obedience training, off-leash training, socialization training, tracking, and agility training at levels ranging from beginning to advanced.

Trouper's Agility

    Trouper's Agility is an online course offered through How to Love Your Dog. The free, online lessons are an inexpensive way to begin training your dog in agility. You can also find free lessons on obedience and leash training. The site features success stories from dog owners, and it provides step-by-step videos for procedures and advice on how to optimize the agility training of any of dog.

    If you're looking for agility dog training equipment, check sites such as Canine Crib, which will walk you through building your own course using found and salvaged materials; or sites such as Carson Agility, Weave Poles or Over Rover, which sell the equipment.

Dogs on Course in North America

    Established in 2005, Dogs on Course in North America offers courses for different types of dogs at various training or agility levels. Courses are challenging and focus on owner involvement and instruction. Dogs on Course can help owners become involved in the competitive world of dog showing. Managers keep clients updated on the showing rulebook and provide judge information to better ensure professional success in agility. Training venues include Phoenix; Moab, Utah; and Longmont, Colo.

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