Monday, February 27, 2017

How to Train a Puppy to Use a Pad & Go Outside

Potty training is often one of the most challenging parts of owning a puppy. Housebreaking should begin when the puppy is first brought home and should continue until the dog learns to potty outside every time. Puppy training pads can make the transition from going indoors to going outdoors a simpler process, although consistency is key to a fully trained puppy.



    Crate your puppy when you are not able to keep a close eye on it. Set the crate up in a quiet corner of the room and fill it with the puppy's favorite bed and toys. "...Some people think that it must be necessary to get dog training tips earlier to acquiring their pets. Many people might find this interesting but a lot of people might concur that this is a top notch tip to follow. The situation with some pet owners is they will get a dog and then find out that they can be not suitable to be aware of them. In the end, they could depart their pets in order to bring back their old lives. These dog training tips can let people know what they should consider and if they have the time to teach their dogs. These hints may be found on Secrets To Dog Training. By taking the time to carry out appropriate dog training, you will delight in a lifetime of peaceful friendship with your ".... Dogs do not like to potty in the same place they sleep, and the puppy will whine and bark to go out rather than potty in the crate.


    Place one or two puppy pads on the floor approximately 4 or 5 feet from the kennel. Potty pads are infused with scents that encourage the puppy to use them, so the puppy should willingly walk on them. When the puppy whines from inside the kennel, or you notice it sniffing around the floor, immediately move the puppy to the pads.


    Tell the puppy "potty" and stand quietly while it goes to the bathroom. As soon as the puppy is finished, praise and offer a favorite treat. Rewarding the puppy as soon as it potties shows the puppy that the pad is the correct place to potty.


    Move the pads one foot closer to the door each day until the pad is resting against the door. Continue to praise the puppy when it uses the pad.


    Open the door and place the pad just outside the door. Pick the puppy up and move it outside to the pad at potty time, so the puppy associates going potty with being outdoors. Praise the puppy lavishly when it uses the pad outside.


    Scoot the pad away from the door two or three feet per day until the pad is in the section of your yard you've designated as the outdoor potty area. Continue setting the puppy on the pad until it voluntarily runs to the pad when given the "potty" command. Remove the pad from the potty area once the puppy is going outside without any accidents.

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