Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How Can I Get My Yorkie Poo to Stop Going on the Street?

Yorkie Poos, that adorable combination of poodle and Yorkshire terrier, are usually met with smiles wherever their owners take them. But those smiles can turn to grimaces of disgust if your Yorkie Poo suddenly starts doing its business on the street. Luckily, going to the bathroom on the street shouldn't be too hard to stop. If your Yorkie Poo doesn't have any other problems, then she probably just needs to understand that the street isn't an appropriate place to do her business, and have lots of opportunities to go on the grass.



    Give your Yorkie Poo time to do his business in the yard before you start walking. If the dog is eliminating on the street, there's a good chance that he simply didn't get the chance to do it on the grass before you set out.


    Walk straight to a grassy area near your door when you and your Yorkie Poo leave the house -- don't start your walk by heading straight for the sidewalk. Don't leave the area until the dog has taken care of her business.


    Walk in grassy areas. If your normal route is filled with concrete and asphalt, then the Yorkie Poo will be forced to do his business there. If you're an urban dog owner, look for a tree-lined street -- the small patches of dirt around these trees can provide a bathroom for your dog. Don't forget the plastic bags!


    Say "no" loudly and forcefully whenever the dog does her business on the street. This lets your Yorkie Poo know that the street is not an appropriate place to go to the bathroom and works the same way as house breaking.


    Move the dog to a more appropriate place, such as a strip of grass if saying no doesn't work immediately. Whenever he does do his business on the grass, react immediately with praise and treats. Soon, the dog will catch on.


    Anticipate the dog. If you've owned dogs for a while, you are probably familiar with the signs that a dog is about to go to the bathroom: she will slow down, sniff the ground and move her head back and forth. If you learn to recognize this behavior in your Yorkie Poo, you will be able to move to the grass before the dog goes.


    Walk at a pace the dog can maintain and allow him a reasonable amount of time to sniff and explore. Don't rush the dog. A Yorkie Poo might resort to going to the bathroom on the street because he feels he doesn't have enough time to find a more suitable spot.

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