Friday, March 10, 2017

How to Make Dog Sled Tug Lines & Harnesses

The earliest dog sleds in 1000 B.C. were used for transportation. Historically they have been used on expeditions to Antarctica, transportation of medication and to cross difficult terrain. Today dog sleds are mainly used for racing in places like Alaska, where racing originated in 1908. One of the most vital parts of dog sledding, besides the relationship between the owner and the dogs, is the equipment. Dog sledding equipment is made up of harnesses, a sled and a gangline. The gangline is made up of three components called the tow line, the tug lines and the neck lines. The tug lines are what is connected to the dog's harness and both of these pieces can be homemade with the correct materials.



    Begin with the harness; take about four yards of the nylon webbing cut into two two yard strips. Cross one end of the first strip over the end of the second strip forming an "X", sew these two strips of webbing together in the "X" formation leaving enough room for the nylon rope to fit through.


    This part of the harness will go at the base of the dog's tail. Lie each side of the webbing flush up against the sides of the dog along the rib cage and cross them under the front legs, secure with safety pins.


    Bring the webbing up around the neck on each side so the strips are laying just above the dog's shoulder blades. "...Lots of individuals consider the reason is necessary to get dog training tips preceding to getting their pets. Many people could find this exciting but a lot of people can recognize that this is a really good tip to follow. The situation with some pet owners is they will get a dog and then find out that they can be not suitable to take care of them. Finally, they would give up their pets in order to retrieve their old lives. These dog training tips can let people find out what they need to consider and if they have the time to coach their dogs. These guidelines may be found on Secrets To Dog Training. By taking the time to carry out suitable dog training, you will get pleasure from a lifetime of peaceful companionship with your ".... Cross the webbing again at the base of the neck, be sure this is secure around the neck, but be aware to leave enough space for the padding. Continue the webbing from the base of the neck to the straps that lie along the dog's rib cage.


    Adjust each secured cross as necessary and pin securely with safety pins.


    Fold about one yard of fleece, that is 10 inches wide, until it is about four to five layers thick, it will be about two inches wide after folding. Sew the folded fleece down the center so it will stay together while you are attaching it to the harness. Follow the straps of the harness attaching the fleece to both edges of the webbing.


    Feed the nylon rope through the space you left at the tail end of the harness. Tie the rope in a strong knot.


    To create the tug line, run your polyethelene rope through the loop created from the nylon rope at the base of the harness. This is the part of the gangline that will be connected from the dog's harness to the tow line, which is what connects the tug line to your sled.

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