Thursday, March 30, 2017

How to Teach Your Dobie

Doberman pinschers, sometimes called Dobies for short, are a large breed of dog known for their strength and usefulness as a watchdog. Dobies have a reputation for being aggressive and dangerous, but although the dogs are strong-willed, they are not a naturally aggressive breed. Dobermans are intelligent dogs that enjoy challenges, training and large amounts of exercise. Proper teaching will produce a socialized, well-behaved dog.



    Use a firm but gentle voice when training your Dobie. When correcting bad behavior. say "no" firmly without yelling; Dobermans rebel against aggressive behavior.


    Exit through all doors before your Doberman, and do not allow your Dobie to jump up onto people. This will establish your dominance and inspire loyalty in your dog.


    Walk your Dobie every day while keeping the dog at your side. Allowing the dog to roam ahead of you gives the Doberman the dominant position. Dobermans require daily walks to exercise their bodies and to keep them from becoming bored. A bored Doberman can become anxious and destructive.


    Socialize your Dobie at an early age with other dogs and with people in a calm, controlled setting to teach it how to behave around them. Once your Doberman is used to small groups in calm settings, introduce it to busier public places and dog parks.

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