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How to Walk a Yorkie

Yorkshire terriers are a small dog breed with long, golden brown locks and dark brown roots. They make companions for both large homes and small, but no matter where you live, walking is important for your Yorkie's health. Walking a Yorkie can be frustrating, however, if you have one that is constantly pulling the leash in all different directions and doesn't know how to walk close to you. Training your Yorkie to walk well on a leash is done with patience and rewards.



    Buy a collar that fits your Yorkie properly. When placed around the neck, it should allow enough room to fit your index and middle finger between the dog and the collar.


    Buy a leash that is at least 6 to 10 feet in length. You want a leash that will allow your Yorkie to explore but not go too far. Retractable leashes allow you to vary the distance your dog can go, but you don't want to let him walk too far from your side as he needs to get into the habit of walking beside you.


    Place the leash on your Yorkie before leaving home, and grab a plastic bag to pick up any feces he leaves behind. Leaving your dog's feces not only will attract flies around your walking area, but is considered discourteous to those who live near you.


    Allow your Yorkie to walk slightly in front of you or by your side. If he begins to walk quickly and pull on the leash, stop walking and wait for him to stop struggling to pull at the leash. Call to him, and after he comes to your side, give him a treat.


    Reward your Yorkie with a treat every three times he pulls on the leash and you stop to call him back. For the other times, call him back, pet him and give him verbal praise. Giving too many treats can not only make him sick but also become rather expensive. Your Yorkie needs to learn that this behavior isn't always going to merit a treat, but that it is still good behavior.


    Walk your Yorkie three times a day for at least 10 minutes each time. Increase the length of your walks if you notice he is frequently hyper around the house, as this means he is not getting enough outdoor exercise.

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