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Home Remedies for Dog Pee Stains in Carpet

Urine is a difficult thing to remove from carpet. Dog owners the world over wrestle with how to remove these stains, which discolor the carpet and cause unsavory odors. Various tried and true home remedies exist to help get rid of these stains, dilute the odor-causing pee, and refresh the carpet or rug to its normal, untainted state. Even stains that have been in place for a long time can be removed with the right solution, a little elbow grease, and patience.

Fresh Water

    Step 1 in any battle against tough stains is to dilute it with fresh, clean water. However, water that is excessively hot, such as that from a steam cleaner, helps to set the stain and lock odors in the fiber. Many times, if you find a fresh urine stain, you can blot and apply fresh water until your paper towels come up wet but unstained. If you're training a puppy on a pad, locate the urine-soaked paper towels to the spot inside the home near the pad to associate the smell with the location.


    Vinegar is a proven odor and stain remover. Mixing a half-and-half vinegar/water solution into a clean spray bottle and dousing the stain helps to allow the vinegar to break down the things that cause the stain and the smell. Vinegar will not leave an odor lingering for an extended amount of time. This remedy helps with old stains as well as new.

Baking Soda

    Baking soda is used after the spot is cleaned and blotted as well as possible. Dash a layer of the powder over the stain, allowing it to absorb the residual moisture. After it dries completely, the baking soda can be vacuumed up. Baking soda helps to neutralize residual odors, evidenced by the presence of an open box in many refrigerators.

What Not to Use

    Ammonia-based cleaners tend to smell vaguely like urine. Although the cleaner may get rid of the stain and the smell enough for most humans, animals will recognize the smell along with any visual cues present, and re-mark the spot. Do not use steam cleaners or anything that applies heat to the area. Always blot stains, never rub. This allows the absorbed fluids to be absorbed into the paper towel or rag, rather than the carpet's fibers.

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