Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to Stop a Dog From Obsessing Over a Ball

Some dogs love to play ball fetch with their owner so much that they will become obsessed with the ball. This may be a result of the dog having limited activity when he's not playing ball or possibly the result of the owner not making and enforcing rules. A dog that gets plenty of exercise and has nothing in his environment to make him anxious, should be a calm dog. An owner needs to establish dominance over the dog so that the dog will listen to him and pay attention to him instead of the ball. Walks and establishing rules should eliminate your dog's obsession with a ball.



    Walk your dog at least twice a way for at least 30 minutes to give him enough exercise. The more you walk him, the better chance that he will behave.


    Play ball with the dog but instill rules into the game so he is rewarded for paying attention to you instead of the ball. Take the dog to the place where you play ball and tell the dog to sit. When he sits, say, "Good dog."


    Bring the ball out of your pocket and hold it in front of you while your dog is sitting and waiting to play ball. Don't throw the ball unless the dog is looking at you. When he looks you in the eyes, then throw the ball.


    Take the ball from the dog when he retrieves it for you. Don't throw it again until he sits and looks at you again. The idea is to switch his obsession from the ball and to you.


    Give your dog bones or rawhide to chew on to keep him busy when you can't play with him. Make him sit first and look at you before you give him the bones. This shows the dog you are the dominant one over him and increases the chances he will listen and respond to the commands you give him.

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