Thursday, February 11, 2016

How Can I Get My Two Pomeranians to Stop Fighting?

When you add a second dog to your home, the usual goal is giving your first dog a friend and playmate. Unfortunately, dog personalities do not always mix, and bringing a new dog into the environment often creates tension and aggression. If you find that your two Pomeranians are constantly getting into small tussles, there are a number of ways in which you can address the problem. Aggressive behavior is stressful and frustrating, but rarely incurable.



    Supervise your dogs while they interact. Fights start with body language and growling; you should be able to spot these behaviors before the fight begins. Preventing a dogfight is easier and safer than breaking one up.


    Correct your dogs with a sharp noise when you see a fight start to begin. A clap or verbal cue that's loud enough to break their attention is usually all it takes to stop a fight before it happens.


    Keep your dogs separated when you are unable to watch them. You cannot stop fights you are not there to witness. Crates or individual areas of the house are the best method for keeping your pups safe.


    Identify the common cause of the fight. Fights can start over status, food and toys -- and some fights can start over the dogs vying for your attention. With a better grasp on what initially sparks the fight, you will have an easier time resolving the situation.


    Bring each dog to an obedience class. The commands you learn help you keep your dogs in control at home, and the socialization they get with other dogs helps loosen their dog-on-dog aggression.


    Act as the leader of your dog group. Many fights start as dogs try to obtain Alpha status, when in reality a human must play the role of the Alpha. Walk your dogs every day, work with them on obedience, make them wait patiently before eating and have them sit before entering or exiting the house. If dogs see you as the leader of the house, they are less likely to fight one another for the role.

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