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How to Train Japanese Spitz Dogs

The Japanese Spitz is a small dog with a big personality. Usually no larger than 20 pounds, it has an average life expectancy of 12 years. The Spitz is also intelligent and affectionate, but may develop behavioral problems if not trained properly. As long as you begin a firm and loving training regimen, you can ensure that your Spitz behaves as a model of obedience. If you have more than one Spitz, you will need to tailor your training accordingly.



    Begin training as early as possible. The Japanese Spitz may develop Small Dog Syndrome, whereby it tries to establish itself as the pack leader, if left undisciplined. This can result in excessive barking, jumping and other dominant behaviors. You can begin training your pups as soon as you bring them home.


    Set aside time every day for training, even if you can only train for 20 minutes at a time. The Japanese Spitz is an intelligent dog, eager to please its owners, but requires consistency in training, according to the Dog Breed Info Center. Designate a time when you can devote your full, undivided attention to the animal(s).


    Use treats as positive reinforcement tools. "...Many people assume that it is necessary to get dog training tips prior to getting their pets. Some people could find this fascinating but a lot of people may concur that this is a wonderful tip to follow. The challenge with a number of pet owners is they will get a dog and then find out that they are not suitable to be cautious of them. Ultimately, they would probably give up their pets in order to bring back their old lives. These dog training tips can let people learn what they need to consider and if they have the time to coach their dogs. These tips can be found on Secrets To Dog Training. By using the time to conduct proper dog training, you will delight in a lifetime of comfortable companionship with your ".... When teaching your Spitz to sit, for instance, try holding the treat above the nose, naturally forcing the animal to assume a sitting position, while calling the command. When the dog sits, present the treat. When training the dog to stay, have it assume the sitting position first, hold out your hand and call "Stay" while backing away. When the dog exhibits the correct behavior, offer a treat. You can teach a myriad of behaviors simply by having the patience to wait for the correct behavior while calling out a command, and then presenting a treat for a job well done.


    Train multiple dogs individually as well as together. Begin with individual training, as this will limit distractions and allow each Spitz to concentrate on the task at hand. In addition, it will establish you as the leader and prevent the dogs from simply existing as a dog pack within your home. Once your dogs start to get the hang of your commands, introduce some communal training, which will serve as a fun and beneficial bonding exercise.


    Speak in a firm, commanding voice to stop unwanted behaviors. For example, if your dog barks at inappropriate moments or jumps on people in the household, make it very clear that such behaviors are unacceptable. You must remain consistent and scold the behaviors every time, in order for your commands to make an impression. Assuming you have established yourself as the leader with daily training, the dog(s) should heed your commands. If shouting "No" or "Quiet" does not help to stop unwanted behavior, try using one of the commands you have already taught, such as "Sit" or "Stay."

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