Thursday, April 7, 2016

What Calms Dogs?

Dogs can exhibit sudden signs of hyperactivity or anxiety for a number of reasons. When left untended, overactivity and mood disorders in pets can be extremely detrimental to the animal and even lead to an increase in damaged property. Dogs reacting to a sudden change in environment can often be pacified with treats or attention. Aggressive or continually anxious dogs should be evaluated by a professional.


    Some anxious canines can be pacified with a treat. Consider options that will distract the dog for a length of time. Hollow rubber dog toys filled with additive-free peanut butter are an excellent option that can calm and distract dogs for a significant length of time. Rawhide treats or dried pig ears are also nutritious and calming options. As rawhide is significantly lower in calories and fat than peanut butter, it may be a better option for overweight dogs. Peanut butter should not be given too frequently.

Gentle Touch

    If the dog's anxiety is temporary and mild, gentle touch and soothing words may sufficiently calm down the animal. Lightly pet the animal and assure him in a low, soothing voice that he is safe. Focused attention and a gentle demeanor can guide a dog toward recovering from a sudden surprise. Exhibit extreme caution when attempting to physically calm highly distressed dogs or dogs that are not very familiar. Canines can behave aggressively or unpredictably when overwrought.


    Canines that exhibit high energy or anxiety on an ongoing basis necessitate a series of adjustments to their routine. Dog owners should consult with a professional dog trainer or research a mode of dog training that can establish an environment of consistency for their pet. Hyperactive or highly anxious dogs can benefit from regular exercise and socialization. Consider incorporating dog parks, increasing daily walks or joining a canine exercise group to utilize some of the pet's excess energy.

Professional Help

    If a dog is unresponsive to increased exercise, socialization and attention, check with your veterinarian about possible underlying causes. Canines who exhibit a dramatic, sudden change in behavior or preferences should receive processional attention, as should dogs who are displaying signs of aggression or unpredictability. The veterinarian can fully examine possible causes of the high energy behavior, and may recommend anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications, a change in food or exercises to contribute to optimum canine health.

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