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How to Train Lhasa Apsos

Lhasa apsos are generally viewed as cute and fluffy dogs. However, they are also extremely intelligent and respond quite well to commands. As with any breed of dog, starting to train your Lhasa apso at a young age will work best. Older dogs can be trained using the same types of techniques; it just might take longer since they may already be set in their less than pleasing ways. Furthermore, Lhasa apsos require regular grooming, so it is very important to train them to be prepared for their trips to the groomer.



    Keep your Lhasa apso puppy in a room where it has access to a urine pad or newspaper. This is especially important at night, since puppies have small bladders and may not be able to hold it all night long. Once the puppy is trained to use the pad or newspaper, take a used pad or paper outside and show it that outside is where it are supposed to go. This may take some time to get it used to the idea of going to the bathroom outside.


    Begin teaching your Lhasa apso standard commands such as sit, stay, come, back and down when it is very young. Firmly state the command you would like the dog to follow and give a reward when the task is completed. Positive reinforcement is extremely important when training your Lhasa.


    Put a leash on the dog and attempt to walk around the house. "...Many individuals consider that it is necessary to get dog training tips earlier to acquiring their pets. A number of people might find this interesting but a lot of people may agree that this is a really good tip to follow. The challenge with some pet owners is they will get a dog and then find out that they may be not suitable to take care of them. Finally, they would probably get away from their pets in order to bring back their old lives. These dog training tips can let people realize what they have to consider and if they have the time to educate their dogs. These tips may be found on Secrets To Dog Training. By taking the time to carry out proper dog training, you will enjoy a lifetime of relaxed companionship with your ".... Getting your Lhasa apso leash trained is very important because it needs to feel comfortable with going outside. Furthermore, taking your Lhasa on walks will help it to socialize with other dogs. Keep rewards with you on the walks to reinforce positive behavior.


    Prepare your Lhasa apso for trips to the groomer by handling it a lot. It will need to get used to the idea of being touched on its face, feet and body at the groomer. Additionally, it is imperative that it learns how to stand still in preparation for being groomed


    Do not discourage the Lhasa apso from its natural behavior, such as being wary of strangers and being protective of its family. These traits are strong in the Lhasa apso and are part of what makes this breed an excellent pet.

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