Saturday, May 7, 2016

How to Bring a Female Dog Into a Home With Two Males

Introducing a new dog into your home is always stressful but can be especially tricky when the new dog is a different gender than the ones already in your home. While the gender of the new dog should not be a major factor in your current dogs' ability to adapt, some dogs may experience behavioral shifts when the dynamics of the pack changes. Preparing yourself, your home and your dogs for a new addition and correctly introducing the male dogs to the new female dog is the strongest method to ensure a smooth transition.



    Fix your dogs. Neutered males are far less aggressive and domineering and fixing the female will prevent fighting during heat times. If all three of your dogs are fixed, the sex differences are negligible when introducing them.


    Learn some basics of canine behavior so you are better prepared to make judgment calls. For example, many adult dogs will correct hyperactive puppies with a snarl or growl. While this is normal, acceptable behavior, it may frighten dog owners that do not understand what to expect.


    Bring your two male dogs to an off-leash park or other neutral area. Introduce the new female dog to the old dogs on this neutral ground, which prevents any ownership disputes at the house.


    Speak in a warm tone of voice when the dogs meet. Keep it playful and positive when introducing new dogs and praise them for good behavior. You will want the pups to associate each other with positivity, not stress.


    Act as a gentle boss at all times with your dogs. If your dogs recognize you as the leader, there will be less fighting between new additions to determine pack order. You do not have to yell at, hit or roll your dogs to be the boss; just act confident and the dogs will naturally follow.

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