Monday, May 16, 2016

How to Raise a Good Choodle

According to the Dog Breed Info Center, a Choodle, also known as a Wapoo, Chipoo, Chi Poo, Poochi or Poo-Chi is a Chihuahua and a Toy Poodle mixed-breed dog. The American Kennel Club does not recognize the Choodle as a breed but the Designer Breed Registry lists this dog as a Choodle or Wapoo. If you want to raise your Choodle to be a good companion dog, you need to understand the temperament of both the Chihuahua and the Toy Poodle as your Choodle will exhibit traits from both breeds. Teaching your Choodle socialization and basic obedience is the best way to have a loyal and friendly pet.


Vacuum Cleaner

    Help your Choodle to get used to noise by introducing the vacuum.
    Help your Choodle to get used to noise by introducing the vacuum.

    Introduce your Choodle to a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum is one of the noisiest objects in your house. If your Choodle is afraid of noise, vacuuming the house can be an ordeal with your Choodle around.


    Put the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the room but do not turn it on. Your Choodle must show no fear of the vacuum before you can turn it on.


    Let your Choodle loose in the room with the vacuum cleaner. If the Choodle goes near the vacuum, praise the dog and give it a treat. Keep praising and treating until your Choodle is happy about approaching the vacuum.


    Turn on the vacuum. Repeat the previous steps you used with the vacuum off. Soon your Choodle will think nothing of a noisy vacuum.



    Ask a child to sit quietly on the floor. The child should not make any sudden moves, play tug or push your Choodle.


    Put your Choodle in the room with the child and allow it to sniff the child. The child can quietly pat and talk to your Choodle.

    Socialize your Choodle with other dogs, children and adults.
    Socialize your Choodle with other dogs, children and adults.

    Treat your Choodle whenever it remains calm and friendly with the child. Always treat positive behavior and ignore the Choodle when it becomes too excited. Your Choodle will soon learn that calm behavior is rewarding.


    Repeat the previous steps with children of different ages, adults and other dogs.

Crate Training


    Place a dog crate in the room where you want your Choodle to sleep and open the door to the crate.


    Place your Choodle in the room with the crate. Treat your Choodle and praise it when the dog approaches the crate. If your Choodle puts one paw in the crate, say, "Yes!" and treat the dog immediately. Repeat until your Choodle happily enters the crate.


    Say, "Crate," when your Choodle willing enters the crate. Eventually, your Choodle will enjoy its crate and see it as a safe and comfortable place.

House Training


    Watch your Choodle's behavior while it is in the house. Bring the dog outside to a designated potty area if you see your Choodle sniff the floor. Sniffing or circling is an indication that your Choodle needs to relieve itself.


    Treat and praise your Choodle when it pees or poops outside. Positive reinforcement is more effective for dog training than punishment.


    Take your Choodle outside to relieve itself several times a day. Four to six weeks is the average time for housebreaking a dog if you are consistent with its training.



    Research obedience classes offered in your area. Ask about the obedience school's training methods and decide if it is a good fit for you and your Choodle.

    Choodles can become anxious in a class with big dogs.
    Choodles can become anxious in a class with big dogs.

    Choose a basic obedience class for small dogs. Small dogs can become stressed and anxious if they are in a class with big dogs.


    Practice the obedience lessons learned in class with your Choodle every day. Obedience is a lifetime of learning for your Choodle.

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