Friday, July 29, 2016

How to Potty Train a Pitbull in Cold Weather

Despite a fearsome reputation as fighting dogs, American pit bull terriers, or American Staffordshire terriers, are friendly house pets and can be patient with young children. They can be dog aggressive, however, and unless they are socialized from a young age they do best in a home without other pets. Pit bulls are anxious to please their humans but can be stubborn and strong-willed. This means getting your pit bull outside in cold or stormy weather can be an ordeal, but potty training in the winter is still possible.



    Take your pit bull puppy outside on a leash whenever it is time for a potty trip. The leash will help you coax (or possibly drag) your pit bull out into the cold. It will also signal that it's time for business, not time for play. Walk your pit bull to a designated area in the yard to teach it that this is its bathroom spot. Take your pit bull outside every two hours if it is a puppy, and every four or five if it is an adult that can hold its bladder for longer periods.


    Praise and reward your pit bull for stepping out into the cold weather. This will help turn a negative experience (the cold) into a positive one in your pit bull's mind. Give your pit bull a good scratch and let it know that you are happy that it has come outside with you.


    Supervise your pit bull when you are inside the house. Don't let it wander on its own until it is reliably potty trained or you risk finding messes. "...Many individuals think the reason is essential to get dog training tips preceding to having their pets. Many people could find this fascinating but a lot of people could recognize that this is a great tip to follow. The condition with some pet owners is they will get a dog and then find out that they can be not suitable to be cautious of them. In the end, they might get away from their pets in order to retrieve their old lives. These dog training tips can let people realize what they should consider and if they have the time to coach their dogs. These suggestions may be found on Secrets To Dog Training. By using the time to carry out correct dog training, you will enjoy a lifetime of comfortable friendship with your ".... Keep your pit bull in the room with you. Confine it to a crate if you have to leave the house. Pit bulls don't like to soil their beds and will be less likely to have accidents in crates than if they are loose in the house. Don't leave your pit bull alone for more than two or three hours, however, or it may not be able to hold its bladder.


    Establish a routine for your pit bull. This will help regulate its system. It will also help it to feel more confident that its needs will be met. Pit bulls are creatures of habit and thrive on routine. Feed your pit bull at the same times each day and let it outside to potty half an hour to 45 minutes later. Always let your pit bull outside immediately after you come home, and before bed.


    Interrupt your pit bull if you catch it having an accident in the house. Make a loud noise by clapping or saying "no." Don't punish your pit bull. They are stubborn dogs and don't respond well to bullying. Punishment can create mistrust and fear, which can lead your pit bull to become aggressive later on. Simply rush your pit bull outside to finish its business.


    Reward your pit bull each time it potties outside. Treats and praise will motivate your pit bull to keep trying. Remember that the breed is typically eager to please and when you reward your pit bull you teach it how to make you happy. A pit bull that knows what is expected of it will be confident and willing to keep learning.

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