Monday, July 4, 2016

Instructions on Building Your Own Agility Set

A new sport has emerged for owners and their dogs. Dog agility is fun and great exercise. The human guides the dog through an obstacle course and runs against the clock. Several pieces of equipment make up agility courses. Agility sets are fairly easy and inexpensive to make yourself.


Tire Jump


    Build the feet by inserting two pieces of 18-inch-long by 1-inch diameter PVC pipe into a T joint, placing each piece into opposite ends of the T joint. Make two of these. Leave the top of the T joint open.


    Insert a PVC pipe cut to a 36-inch length into the top of the T joint. Do the same with the other foot.


    Place an elbow joint on top of both vertical 36-inch pieces. Insert another 36-inch PVC pipe into the openings of the elbows, connecting the two vertical pieces together.


    Take a 3-inch-wide by 12-foot-long flexible downspout tubing and form it into a circle.


    Insert open ends into each other making a circle.


    Use colored duct tape to make strips on the downspout, covering it in white and then using another color on top of the white.

The Pause Table


    Cut a piece of particle board 3 feet by 3 feet.


    Make four legs for the table from a two-by-four.


    Cut the two-by-four into four equal pieces, each 3 inches to 30 inches high, depending on how big your dog is and how high the dog can jump.


    Secure the legs onto the particle board by nailing them on from the top of the table using 2-inch nails.


    Paint the table.

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