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How to Introduce an Adult Doberman Into a New Home

A Doberman can be prone to stress and anxiety, especially in novel situations such as moving to a new home. His reaction will vary greatly depending on his personality, along with the complexity of the new situation. For example, a Doberman who is simply moving to a new house with his owner may not experience as much anxiety as one who is moving in with a completely new family. Understandably, a Doberman that is rescued from an abusive home will typically have the most difficult time, but with kindness and patience, you can help him adjust to his new environment.



    Introduce your your Doberman to any other pets he doesn't already know. If you have other dogs, start on neutral territory, such in the park, to avoid territoriality. If you have other pets such as cats or birds, slowly desensitize them to the Doberman, and him to them: with everyone restrained for safety, let them see each other, and gradually increase the time they spend in each others' company until everyone is relaxed.


    Introduce your Doberman to any other new people that will be living in the home. "...Many people assume that it can be necessary to get dog training tips preceding to having their pets. A number of people might discover this interesting but a lot of people can agree that this is a wonderful tip to follow. The situation with a number of pet owners is they will get a dog and then find out that they may be not suitable to be aware of them. Eventually, they would probably abandon their pets in order to reestablish their past lives. These dog training tips can let people learn what they need to consider and if they have the time to educate their dogs. These tips may be found on Secrets To Dog Training. Through the time to perform correct dog training, you will get pleasure from a lifetime of relaxed friendship with your ".... If you have children, instruct them how to act around the dog: they should be calm, move slowly, and avoid eye contact; and never put their face in the dog's face. Have both children and adults give him treats, pet him and talk to him.


    Assign your Doberman his own space; for instance, a large crate. The crate should be placed in a quiet location in your house and should serve as your dog's sanctuary. It's also a place where you can put him when he gets overly excited or needs a time out.

    Begin by introducing him to his crate. Throw treats in to encourage him to go in and to build a positive association to the crate. Next, feed him in the crate. Confine him for brief periods, increasing as time goes by. Never use the crate as a place of punishment.


    Spend lots of time with your Doberman while he adjusts to his new surroundings. Avoid having guests and introducing him to many new people until he's fully adjusted to his new home.


    Give him items that are familiar to him, or give him items that are just for him: toys, leashes, food dishes, blankets, beds, or other similar objects can help make him feel comfortable.


    Feed him familiar food and treats, if you know what these are. A change in diet coupled with a change in environment can add stress to a situation.


    Take your Doberman for daily walks. Exercise helps alleviate stress, and allowing him to explore the new neighborhood will familiarize him to his new surroundings and help him to adjust more quickly.


    Be patient while your Doberman adjusts to his new surroundings, which may take several weeks. He may act out while adjusting--barking excessively, whining and chewing things around the home--but with time and your help, he will settle in.

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