Thursday, November 17, 2016

What Can I Do When My Dog Is Afraid of the Rain?

A dog with a phobia of rain or thunderstorms may cower in fear when it hears or sees the weather outside. It may also eliminate inappropriately during these times or exhibit other destructive behaviors due to the stress caused by the rain. Stop your dog's phobia with special training and comfort it during storms to reduce its anxiety.

Fear and Phobia

    The sights, smells and sounds associated with the rain can cause a dog to become afraid during inclement weather. These phobias may affect all dog breeds, although herding breeds seem to develop noise phobias from thunder more than others, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. A dog with a fear of the rain will exhibit symptoms such as panting, trembling, pacing, hiding or barking at the noise outside. The dog may also approach you or others in your home for comfort during the storm. A dog that shows these signs of fear at an early age will only get worse with each successive storm.

Reducing Anxiety

    For dogs with a mild phobia of rain and thunder, you can take steps to reduce the dog's stress level during the storms. Bring your dog inside during the inclement weather to spend time in your home. If the dog needs to eliminate, take it outside briefly to a covered porch or use an umbrella to shield it from the wetness. Spend time with your dog during the storm, engaging it in play and leaving the television or radio on to soothe its nerves, recommends the ASPCA. Close the drapes or blinds to block out the sight of the rain and lightning outside.


    Train your dog not to fear the sounds of a rainstorm using techniques designed to make the dog associate the storm with something good. Purchase a recording of the sounds associated with a rainstorm or a DVD featuring the sights and sounds, especially for dogs afraid of lightning. Play the video for 10 to 20 minutes each day at a low volume, giving your dog treats during each session to positively associate the sounds of a storm with a positive result. Increase the volume of the recording during each session, until your dog shows no further fear of the storm.


    A dog that suddenly begins to exhibit signs of a phobia of the rain or thunder may have developed a medical condition that increases its sensitivity to sounds, according to the ASPCA. Take your dog to a veterinarian to rule out a medical cause of your dog's behavior, and ask for advice about the problem. For dogs with a severe phobia of storms, thunder and lightning, antianxiety medication may reduce the dog's stress and the destructive or debilitating behaviors associated with it. Synthetic dog pheromone sprays or diffusers can also help reduce a dog's stress during storms, along with specially designed body wraps for dogs.

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