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How to Train Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies

Native to South Africa, Rhodesian Ridgebacks were lion hunters before their present day status as family and guard dogs. European immigrants brought mastiffs, bloodhounds, terriers and great danes with them to South Africa. During the century-long closing of European immigration in 1707, these dogs bred with a half-wild native hound breed that had the now trademark forward-growing ridge of fur on its back. Selective breeding created the stock of the African Rhodesian ridgeback, and ideal specimens of the breed were brought to the United States and accepted into the AKC in 1955. Ridgebacks are considered "people dogs," although they are reserved with strangers.



    Decide which behaviors you deem appropriate for your puppy to exhibit early in your relationship. Having a goal in mind not only helps you, but also helps your Rhodesian ridgeback. It also helps to prevent you from changing the rules later on. Dogs are habitual, they will get into the habit of good and bad behaviors, so changing the rules later will mean retraining your pup later on in its life.


    Rely on your ridgeback's independence, although you may mistake your dog's independence for it being stubborn. Ridgebacks are willing to please, despite the independence, and embracing its independence will help you during the training process. Allow the puppy to pursue at its own pace during some of the training.


    Praise the puppy richly when it does good. Praise throughout the ridgeback's entire life, not only during training. When training basic commands and good behavior, use exuberant praise with or without treats.


    Practice consistency throughout training. Unlike other breeds, ridgebacks may not require repetition, but consistency in methods and acceptable behaviors is important.


    Give your puppy stern, yet never angry, words to discourage bad behaviors. Do not yell at, scream at or hit your puppy. According to the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States, you should "always act, never react."


    Consult a trainer about beginner/puppy obedience classes if you are unsure of yourself and your ability to train. These classes offer not only a professional's guiding hand, but also chances for you to socialize your puppy with other dogs and people.


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