Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How to Get a Dog to Stop Eating Food From the Counters

Dogs love food and they are good at begging for their owners food until the owner gives in. Allowing your dog to eat human food spoils its appetite for its own food, which is actually better for it. When your dog eats from the counter, its not only annoying, but also potentially dangerous. It may eat raw food or choke on bones. If you are dedicated to training your dog, it is possible to keep it from engaging in this inappropriate behavior.



    Ensure your dog has enough to eat to so that its not hanging around the counter because of hunger.


    Take action as soon as you catch your dog in the act of jumping on the counter. Tell it to get down and remove it from the kitchen.


    Store food in plastic or glass containers, or put it away in cabinets.


    Dont give your dog scraps from the counter when you are preparing food there. Doing so only gives the dog permission to eat off the counter.


    Make the dog sit in a particular spot outside the kitchen while you are preparing food. "...Some people consider that it can be crucial to get dog training tips earlier to acquiring their pets. A number of people may find this interesting but a lot of people might concur that this is a great tip to follow. The situation with some pet owners is they will get a dog and then find out that they are not suitable to be aware of them. Eventually, they could depart their pets in order to retrieve their past lives. These dog training tips can let people know what they need to handle and if they have the time to train their dogs. These guidelines will be found on Secrets To Dog Training. By using the time to execute proper dog training, you will delight in a lifetime of relaxed friendship with your ".... This gives it the idea that the food is off limits to it. Allow it back in the kitchen after a few months. If it tries to get food off the counter, ban it from the kitchen again for a while.


    Praise and reward the dog whenever it is near the counter but doesnt try to steal any food.


    Balance utensils, pots, cans filled with pennies or anything else that will make a loud clanging noise when the dog tries to access food on the counter. Doing this protects the food when you are not home because dogs dont like to be startled. The dog will lose interest in the counter if you do this often enough.


    Purchase items from the pet store to make it unpleasant for your dog to access the counter. The Snappy Trainer is a mousetrap like device that makes a loud snapping noise. The ScatMat slightly shocks the dog when it touches it. SSSCAT emits a burst of compressed air when the dog gets near it.


    Install a baby gate at the kitchens entrance to prevent your dog from accessing it.

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