Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How to Stop Dogs From Pooing on Concrete

When a dog gets in the habit of pooing on concrete, it likely won't switch to another location unless you condition it to do so. Training your canine to eliminate in another area requires that you consistently remind it to go in the designated spot. Once your dog realizes that its relief area is a different place than the concrete, it will happily go there without your insistence.



    Put on a pair of plastic gloves. Pick up the solid pieces of poo and move them to the area where you want the dog to potty.


    Walk the dog on a leash to the area where the poo is located. Point to the feces and tell the dog in a firm voice, "Potty," or any command that you will use consistently to encourage it to poo in that spot. Allow the dog to smell the poo so it gets the idea that you want it to potty there.


    Wait in the area, with the dog leashed, to see if it decides to eliminate. Take the dog back into the house or place it on a tie-out leash or other form of safe confinement, such as kennel, so it can't reach the concrete between potty training sessions. Leave the dog restrained or confined when you are not outside to monitor its activities.


    Try again later. Good times to try to get the dog to potty are in the morning upon waking up, after meals and before bedtime.


    Praise the dog when it poos in the correct area. Pet it and tell it "Good dog!" to let it know it has pleased you with its behavior.

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