Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How to Discipline a Puppy Who Chews

Puppies are chewing machines. They especially enjoy chewing items that smell like their owners, which makes socks and shoes particularly susceptible to their sharp little teeth. Teaching your puppy from the beginning which items are its and which are yours will help the puppy know who is the boss.



    Say "no" in a stern voice. Your puppy will become used to your tone of voice over time. Save your stern voice for times of discipline.


    Interrupt the chewing behavior with a sharp clap or a spray of water from a squirt bottle as you say "no" in a stern voice. This will associate the word "no" with the uncomfortable disruption of the chewing.


    Replace the unacceptable item with a chew toy immediately. Praise the puppy as it starts to chew its toy.


    Place a chew toy in each room and take your puppy from room to room, instructing it to find its toy. Praise it when it starts to chew the toy, or say "no" and stop it if it chews the wrong thing.


    Crate train your puppy. A sufficiently large crate becomes a den for your puppy when you introduce it with positive reinforcement, such as placing its meals there. Never use a crate as punishment. A crate-trained puppy can spend time in its crate when you are unable to supervise it.

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