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How to Tame a Pit Bull

Pit bull terriers often have a bad reputation as being hard to tame and even vicious. Like any other breed of dog, pit bulls need proper training to become gentle, obedient pets. Taming a pit bull may take time and dedication, but this is one breed that is intelligent and likes to please.



    Learn your pit bull's body language. For instance, a tail that's wagging from side to side and a butt that's up in the air will tell you that the pooch is happy and wants to play, while yawns and the ears pulled back can indicate nervousness.


    Teach your pit bull basic commands, such as sit, stay and heel. Repetition is important with this headstrong breed. Tell the dog what you want it to do and pair the command with a hand gesture. For instance, for "Sit," you might point down to the ground, and for "Stay," you might hold your palm open facing it. The first few times, you may have to guide your pit bull's body into position, but after that, simply repeat the commands and hand gestures until your pit bull does what you ask.


    Reward the pit bull for good behavior. Anytime the dog obeys a command, reward with praise and dog treats. The same rewards should be given when you observe any behavior that you want the pooch to repeat, such as playing gently with other animals or small children.


    Address bad behavior properly. Pit bulls are bundles of energy, so it's only natural that your pit bull is going to get into trouble at one point or another. If you catch it destroying your shoes, for instance, take the shoes away as you issue a stern "No" command, and then simply walk away. Do not hit the dog or yell at it, as this is attention, and negative attention is better than no attention to a dog.


    Socialize your pit bull. Bring it around other animals and people often so that it gets used to being social. Otherwise, your pit bull may grow fearful of new animals and pets and become aggressive toward them. If there is a dog park in your area, take your pit bull there regularly.


    Give your pit bull plenty of exercise. A dog that has too much energy may engage in destructive or aggressive behavior, and pit bulls are naturally high-energy dogs. Thus, it's important to walk them regularly or let them outside to play.

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