Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Best Ways to Calm an Overactive Puppy

Puppies are cute and lovable, but they often wear their owners out because they are so active. Puppies can be overactive for many reasons, usually because they are easily excited or because they aren't burning enough energy. It is important for dog owners to learn to control their overactive puppies before they grow into adult dogs that are more difficult to control and set in their ways.

Exercise the Puppy

    Take the puppy for walks and play with it for extended periods so that it can use its pent-up energy. Give an average dog at least one walk outside per day, and take high-energy dog for two walks every day.

Give Mental Exercise

    Exercise the puppy mentally, either by playing a game with it or giving it a job. Games that are mentally stimulating, such as filling toys with food so the puppy has to work to get at it, will often keep a puppy busy and content for hours. Giving the puppy a job, like training for agility competitions or visiting people in hospitals, can keep the puppy busy for hours each day.

Train the Puppy

    Teach the puppy basic commands so that it does not become an out-of-control dog. Take 10 minutes several times a day to reinforce obedience lessons, teach the puppy new commands, and bond with it.

Pay Attention to Moods

    Pay attention to your reactions and moods. Dogs are pack animals, so puppies reflect the feelings and emotions of their pack leaders. Project calmness, rather than anxiety or fear, and the puppy will calm down as well. When the puppy is overactive, do not respond to it. Start to pay attention to the puppy after it settles down. Since dogs desire attention, the puppy will soon learn that it is better to be calm.

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