Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How to Stop Your Dog From Urinating on Concrete

Territorial marking is a common behavior for dogs. According to Paw Rescue, a dog marks a new environment with urine to make an unfamiliar place feel like home. If the problem is occurring in public places such as the park, then the pet is attracted to the markings of other dogs. Dogs also often urinate near fire hydrants or utility poles that were marked by other dogs. Stopping the behavior involves teaching the pet to go somewhere else or to urinate on command.



    Clean the concrete area. Some people have problems with dogs urinating on the concrete areas around their homes. If the dog is urinating on your sidewalk, then rinse the concrete with water and clean it with an ammonia-free cleaner such as vinegar, bleach or baking soda. Urine contains ammonia, so using an ammonia cleaning product would be ineffective--the dog would resume its behavior of urinating on the sidewalk.


    Choose a spot where you can encourage your dog to urinate. Good spots are far from the concrete, such as an unused corner of the yard. It should be nearby and somewhere the dog can go on a regular basis. Make the new spot appealing to your dog by spraying it with urine scent attractant. Praise the dog every time it uses the new spot.


    Take the dog to the park or a grassy area. If the behavior occurs on the sidewalk on the way to the park, then you will need to put the dog on a leash or direct it to the grass when it tries to urinate.


    Give praise for good behavior. If the dog gets into the habit of going to the grassy area, then reward the dog with doggy snacks or a treat.


    Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. Some dogs are unable to resist the urge of urinating, which leads to frequent accidents. Have your dog's veterinarian check for underlying medical problems such as bladder diseases, urinary tract infections or kidney stones before doing any training. According to Doggs Online, a dog with bladder problems urinates more frequently and in unexpected places because it does not have control. If there is not anything medically wrong with your pet, then it is a behavioral problem that you can try to correct.

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