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How to Train a Doberman Pinscher to Come When Called

Doberman pinschers are smart, obedient dogs that need to be taught who is boss and reminded of their place in the pack regularly. Start training a Doberman when it is young, seven weeks old if possible. It is easier at that time and helps to avoid any stubbornness and unwillingness to please you in the future. One of the basics of puppy training is teaching the dog to come when it is called. The training is no different for the Doberman.



    Attach a leash to the dog's collar. Walk several feet from him as you tell him to stay. If you need to, have someone else hold his collar to make him stay there and then let go when you tell him to come in the next step.


    Say "come, Max" in an authoritative tone. Give a slight tug of the leash. If he comes to you, say "good boy" excitedly, pet him and give him a treat. Try it again a couple more times, then take off the leash and increase the distance from him. Repeat the process and praise each time he does it correctly.


    Hold out a treat while standing away from him and say "come, Max," if the first way you tried doesn't work. The treat should coax him to come right away. Give him that treat when he comes, provide praise,and pet him. Do that a couple times and if successful, try it without holding out a treat.

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