Friday, September 23, 2016

How to Calm a Hyper Puppy

Dealing with a hyper or overactive puppy can be stressful for any pet owner. Although at times it may seem as though your puppy just has an abundance of energy, hyper dogs can pose dangers to themselves and to other people if they are not properly subdued. With a little patience and some training tips, even a novice pet owner can calm his hyperactive puppy and lead his pet to a happy, healthy and peaceful existence.



    Give your dog daily exercise. The most basic tactic for calming a hyperactive puppy is to exercise him. Most dogs are designed for high levels of activity, so when they do not receive the proper amount of activity they can display hyperactive behavior and become stir-crazy, or even hostile and aggressive. Consider other forms of exercise besides walking to keep your dog stimulated, such as playing catch with your pet or taking him to a dog park to run around.


    Establish a hierarchy in your home. It is important for every dog to have a clear sense of his place within the family. Most dogs are born into a submissive role within their own packs, and are not born as leaders. When a dog doesn't know his role within his new pack, your family, he can become uneasy and agitated. Clearly establish yourself as the pack leader, and your dog will become more comfortable in the home when he knows who is in charge. Never establish dominance over your pet with violence; instead, always be firm and direct when giving commands. If your dog resists, do not give up and let him "win"; this will make him believe he is in control.


    Set boundaries for your dog within the home to establish your dominance. When your dog is restricted from certain areas of the house -- the kitchen, for example -- he will understand that he is not in charge of the home. Your dog should have specific areas to eat, sleep and play in. Furthermore, restricting your dog from having free reign over the house will lessen hyperactive behaviors such as running about the house, as he will be forced to stop when he reaches certain areas,


    Provide your dog with ample interactive toys to keep him occupied, especially when people cannot provide him with the attention and stimulation he may want. Look for toys that will hold your dog's interest for extended periods of time. Even a toy as simple as a ball can be used by a dog on his own and help to expend mental and physical pent-up energy and decrease hyperactivity.


    Consult your veterinarian if the hyperactivity persists for several months or causes disruption within the home. There are natural supplements and other products that can help calm anxious and overactive dogs without making them drowsy or changing their personality. Always make sure you discuss any supplements with your vet prior to giving them to your dog.

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