Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How to Train Puggle Babies

A puggle is the result of breeding a pug with a beagle. This puppy will have a temperament that is a mix of the two breeds. Both pugs and beagles are playful, affectionate breeds, although the beagle tends to be more of an independent thinker. Puggles require firm leadership from puppyhood to prevent them from developing behavioral problems, such as snapping and guarding objects. Train your puggle puppy effectively to raise an obedient, balanced dog. Begin training your puppy at 8 weeks of age.



    Housebreak your puggle puppy by leading it outside on a leash immediately after waking, before going to bed and after meals. The puppy will need to be taken out at least every two hours throughout the day as its digestive system is extremely sensitive at this age. Avoid carrying the dog outside as it needs to go through the action itself to learn what is expected of it. Praise your puggle for passing waste outside and introduce the command "go potty." Say "no" in a firm voice if you catch your puggle excreting in the house. Lead it outside and praise it if it manages to finish outside. Avoid scolding your puggle if you do not catch it in the act as this is ineffective.


    Train your puggle to follow simple obedience commands by first waiting for the dog to carry out the desired action. Then say the command that is relevant, such "sit," "lie down" or "come." Praise the dog by giving a special treat, such as a small piece of chicken or cheese. Give lots of enthusiastic verbal praise. Practice this positive reinforcement for 10 minutes every day until your puggle manages to associate the commands with the actions.


    Leash train your puggle in your backyard. Allow the dog to sniff the leash and then attach it. Walk and encourage the puppy to follow you using treats and verbal praise. Go out in to the neighborhood and walk slightly in front of your puggle to show this determined breed that you are the leader and it is the follower. Say "no" in a firm tone and tap the dog on the shoulder if it begins to pull or overtake you.


    Show your puggle that you are its pack leader to encourage it to trust and to respect you. Make the puggle sit and wait before giving food or affection. Feed the dog after the family has eaten because it knows that the alpha dogs eat first and subordinates eat second. Do not allow the dog to sleep on your bed, get up on furniture or jump up on guests as these are dominant positions and behaviors. Stop your puggle from growling at other people when you are holding it by putting it on the floor and saying "no" in a firm voice.

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