Friday, September 23, 2016

How to Change Frequencies on an R21 Receiver

An invisible fence dog collar requires an R21 receiver. This receiver transmits a signal from the electronic barrier, which engages the preventive capabilities (a vibration or shock) from the training collar and, in turn, helps keep a dog wearing the collar within a set area. Learn how to change the frequency of the R21 to prevent it from intercepting other messages or interfering with other collars.



    Remove the single fastener screw found in the bottom (between the two prongs) of the encasement using a screwdriver.


    Pull the front of the encasement (the labeled side) off the pronged portion of the receiver. Look for a black switch (located on the bottom edge of the circuit board) with "10K" and "7K" printed to the left of it.


    Slide the black switch vertically to change the receiver's frequency between 7K and 10K. (These numbers refer to the frequency band of the radio signal.)

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