Thursday, September 1, 2016

How to Train a Dog for Obstacle Courses

Training your dog to complete a full obstacle course is no easy task. It will take patience, effort and consistent training methods, not to mention lots of practice time with your dog. However, training for an obstacle course can help improve your dog's obedience, agility and physical fitness, so it can be a worthwhile feat. You should only attempt to train your dog for an obstacle course if he can already follow basic commands and is in good enough physical condition to complete all of the various challenges.



    Introduce your dog to the obstacle course. To lead your dog, walk alongside the course. If your dog seems wary to follow you, hold out a treat and have your dog follow it through the obstacle. Once the course is completed, reward your dog. Continue this until your dog can go through the course without a treat in hand on the faith that you will offer it at the end.


    Lead your dog through the obstacle course a second time, while focusing more on training. Use simple commands when training your dog for the obstacle course, such as "up," "through" or "down." Your dog will not understand a sentence.


    Give your dog positive reinforcement. When your dog successfully completes an obstacle, offer praise or better yet, a treat. When your dog does not successfully complete an obstacle, offer him nothing. Do not use negative words or actions. Punishment is ineffective and has no place in dog training.


    Offer praise and a treat when each section is done right. Also, each day, lead your dog through the entire obstacle course. Eventually, your dog will be able to put it all together with just your praise and the occasional treat at the end.

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