Monday, March 21, 2016

Doberman Tricks

One of the most common dogs among the pet breeds said to be developed by Louis Dobermann, the Doberman pinscher possesses outstanding intelligence and a friendly nature. There are various types of Doberman based on its sex, size, coat color, breeding etc. Among the most intelligent pets, they can be trained to perform various tricks.

Training a Doberman to Perform Tricks

    A Doberman, if well trained, can do very well in canine sports from obedience to keenness. They are quick learners and as soon as possible, training should be undertaken so as to control the aggressive nature of the breed. The Doberman should be brought up with exercise and training, including long walks, frequent play sessions, games of fetch, hurdle jumping and swimming.

Simpler Doberman tricks

    Doberman training begins with teaching of primary tricks like barking on command, which it can learn even without a trainer. Some of the most common simpler Doberman tricks include whispering, crawling, throwing materials, circling around, digging, covering their eyes, kissing, nodding and shaking hands. Thereafter the dog can also be taught to wag its tail, walk backward and stand on rear legs.

Harder Doberman tricks

    After a Doberman is trained to perform the primary simpler tasks, move on to a higher level of training. This often begins by teaching the Doberman to balance a treat on the nose, toss it and catch it. They are further trained to do tricks such as to carry and fetch objects, heel backward, permit the wearing of sunglasses and hat, kick balls and to pass messages between members of the family. These are among the most common harder Doberman tricks.

Concise View of Breed

    Male Dobermans range from 26 to 28 inches high whereas the female ranges from 24 to 26 inches high. They generally weighs 55 to 90 lbs. The lifespan of the Doberman is 10 to 15 years. The body is of square outline with strong limbs, with set high short tail and a short hard thick coat. Dobermans are alert, intelligent and aggressive, but their friendly nature enables them to be trained to perform superb tricks.

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