Wednesday, March 30, 2016

High Frequency Ultrasonic Sound Uses for a Pet Trainer

Dogs and cats can hear pitches and sounds that humans can't, including noises in the ultrasonic range. As a result, manufacturers have developed an array of devices that emit these high-frequency ultrasonic sounds to be used in animal training. While humans can't hear it, the high-pitch noises annoy the animals and tell them that their behavior is not OK.

Stop Barking

    One of the most common uses of a high-frequency ultrasonic sound device is to train a dog to stop barking. Trainers can use a variety of styles of these sound devices, including a bark collar that's worn around the dog's neck. Every time the animal barks, the collar emits an unpleasant sound. The animal realizes this sound only happens when it barks, and, therefore, stops barking at unimportant things to avoid the annoying noises.

Break Habits

    Trainers can break dogs and cats from bad habits using an ultrasonic sound device. By sounding the high-frequency alarm anytime the animal does inappropriate behavior, you can teach the dog or cat that its actions are not acceptable. One style of this ultrasonic device uses vibration technology. Place it on a couch, table or any other surface the animal is not permitted to be on. If the animal jumps onto the surface, the movement sets off the high-pitch sound and lets the animal know it's not welcome there.

Neighborhood Animals

    Your pets aren't the only animals that can be trained with an ultrasonic sound device. You can keep unwanted neighborhood cats and dogs off your lawn or scare away any canines that may be posing a threat by using the technology. A handheld sounding device can be pointed at the animal to emit the high-frequency sound, which should scare it away. Also, neighbors' dogs that won't stop barking can be trained with an ultrasonic sound system. These devices, some of which are disguised as bird houses or other lawn ornaments,can be aimed toward a problem dog's yard and will go off anytime the animal barks.


    There are a few problems when using an ultrasonic sound device to train animals. The high-frequency sounds are ineffective on deaf dogs and cats, including animals that may have lost most of their hearing with old age. Additionally, animals can get mixed messages from the device. For example, a dog with an ultrasonic dog collar may only stop barking while wearing the collar and will revert back to normal behavior when it's off. The most effective way to train your animals are with verbal commands.

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