Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How to Housebreak a Shar Pei

The Shar Pei is known as the clown of the dog world because of its mischievous behavior. Even though Shar Peis can be a goofs from time to time, they are also very intelligent and stubborn. Originating in China, Shar Peis were first used to herd cattle and hunt. In the United States today, they are simply man's best friend. Shar Peis are not the easiest to housebreak because the breed is late to mature. With lots of patience and time, your dog will learn where to relieve itself.



    Look at your Shar Pei and say a command such as "go potty." Take the dog outside.


    Wait for your Shar Pei to do its business. Take the dog back inside. Give the dog its favorite treat and praise it for going outside. Take the dog out every hour when you begin the training.


    Do not hit your Shar Pei if it has an accident on the floor. Keep an eye on the dog as much as possible to catch it in the act. Look at the dog and show that you are displeased by saying "no" firmly. The Shar Pei wants to please its owner and will realize it has done something wrong if you are firm.

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