Saturday, March 19, 2016

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Sniffing Crotches

Dogs get information about unfamiliar animals and people by smelling their anal glands and genital regions, where there are many scent glands. It's instinctive, not misbehavior. However, it's embarrassing for you and uncomfortable for the sniffee, so there's good reason to train away the behavior. "...Some people believe that it is essential to get dog training tips earlier to getting their pets. Many people could find this exciting but a lot of people may concur that this is a really good tip to follow. The condition with a number of pet owners is they will get a dog and then find out that they can be not suitable to be cautious of them. Finally, they would give up their pets in order to bring back their past lives. These dog training tips can let people learn what they have to handle and if they have the time to coach their dogs. These suggestions will be found on Secrets To Dog Training. By using the time to conduct correct dog training, you will get pleasure from a lifetime of peaceful a relationship with your ".... Your dog's powerful sense of smell gathers the same information from a few feet away, anyway; she doesn't need to get so up close and personal. Patience and positive reinforcement -- not scolding and punishment -- are the keys. Your dog needs to know the "sit" and "stay" commands, so first teach her those if she doesn't know them.



    Enlist one or two friends, family members or neighbors to help you train your dog not to sniff crotches. Have them come over for arranged training sessions.


    Designate a greeting area in your home where your dog will meet guests. Identify it as such by leading your dog by leash to the spot as soon as someone comes into your home, every time. Say "greeting" or another chosen command word and point to the spot when your dog gets there.


    Give your dog a treat as soon as she gets to the greeting area. Tell her to sit and stay there and give her another treat immediately for obeying.


    Have your guest approach your dog in her greeting area but stand off a few feet. When your dog goes to sniff the person's crotch, gently restrain her by leash and tell her "no" firmly. Use the sit and stay commands as needed. When she sniffs in the person's general direction without approaching, offer a treat right away.


    Instruct your guest to go over to the dog for a physical greeting after the sniffing is done.


    Repeat this process once or twice per day for one to two weeks, or longer if necessary. As your dog starts becoming compliant, gradually reduce the number of treats offered during the training sessions.

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