Sunday, January 22, 2017

How to Keep Your Dog From Acting Out Badly

Even when properly trained, dogs can act out badly for a number of reasons. Learning how to correct inappropriate behavior is easy, but a dog can be stubborn at first. Consistency and repetition are critical in the training of any animal. With dedicated training and positive reinforcement, a dog that was once acting badly can become a well behaved pet.



    Think about any recent changes in the dog's life. Moving to a new home, bringing a new pet or person into the home, less attention from the dog's owner, and longer hours left alone can all lead to bad behavior. It takes time for a dog to become comfortable with changes. Constant training is necessary to correct the bad behavior.


    Introduce the dog to the use of a crate, which will teach your pet clear boundaries. Dogs feel safe in a small, cozy, confined area; it's like having their own little home. If the dog is urinating in the house, barking when left alone, or being destructive when alone, use the crate as a way to help the dog feel more secure. He will feel as if he is in his own home, safe from harm.


    Exercise the dog more. In some cases, a dog that is acting out does so out of boredom. Go to the dog park or increase walks and play time. Most of the time, a well exercised dog is a more relaxed dog.


    Pay more attention to the dog. Dogs are social creatures and bond with their owners. Pet the dog more, brush his teeth, brush his coat, and talk to him. Dogs often understand more than we think.


    Enlist the help of a trainer. If nothing works to correct the dog's behavior, it is time to get professional help. Consider taking a group dog training class or hiring a personal trainer.

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