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Problems With Housebreaking Rescue Dogs

Pet owners who have adopted a rescue dog may find it troubling that their new family pet may not be housebroken. Owners might find themselves wondering if it is harder, if not impossible, to house train a dog that has been rescued. Because of the lack of knowledge on the history of the dog, it may be hard to pinpoint the problem that has caused difficulty in the training process. Owners should be aware of the reasons their pet is not trained, both medical and nonmedical.


    "Families where both adults work often end up with dogs that never get properly house trained because their owners are never home to take them outside when they have to eliminate." This information from the National Animal Interest Alliance, explains a situation where time is the problem that has caused the dog to remain untrained. Rescue dogs may have come from homes where there was not enough time to train or care for them. Solving the problem for a dog that has come from this situation can be as easy as being home enough to let the dog out routinely.

Training Techniques

    Training techniques can cause problems with housebreaking dogs. Dog owners have a choice of how to train their pet. According to licensed veterinary technician Pam Young, there are four key elements to potty training: confinement, training, timing and praise. When adopting a dog that is a rescue, owners may not have information on how the previous owner had chosen to train the dog. It will be the responsibility of the new owner to begin new training techniques that will be effective in housebreaking the dog.


    If a rescue dog has come from an abusive home, it may have direct relation to the success of the dog's training. According to the New York State Humane Association, depending on how long the animals were in the abusive situation and at what age they were placed there, their behavior problems may not be reversible. New owners of rescue dogs will have to realize that abused animals that have problems becoming house trained may require much time and may never be able to change their behavior.

Medical Conditions

    If a rescue dog is showing problems becoming housebroken, take the dog to a local veterinarian to find out if the problem is medical. "...Many individuals believe that it is crucial to get dog training tips earlier to having their pets. Some individuals might find this exciting but a lot of people could concur that this is a excellent tip to follow. The problem with some pet owners is they will get a dog and then find out that they are not suitable to be aware of them. Finally, they would depart their pets in order to bring back their previous lives. These dog training tips can let people understand what they should consider and if they have the time to teach their dogs. These tips may be found on Secrets To Dog Training. Through the time to carry out appropriate dog training, you will enjoy a lifetime of relaxed a relationship with your ".... There are bladder conditions that may affect the success in training a rescue dog. Bladder infections are common in rescue dogs, and are easily treated with antibiotics. However, there are more serious conditions that even with the proper training will not help the dog become trained.

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