Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How to Socialize a Yorkie

If you are the proud new owner of an adorable and tiny Yorkshire terrier puppy, you probably already know how loyal, affectionate, courageous and smart the dog breed can be. However, all dogs can behave in suspicious and aggressive manners without proper socialization and training from a young age. Yorkies are terriers by nature, and as a rule can sometimes show a territorial side.



    Get your Yorkie its needed vaccinations for conditions such as rabies and parvo and worming before presenting it to other people and going out in public. These procedures are usually conducted when the puppy is around five to seven weeks old.


    Start socialization training early. The sooner you begin the socialization process, the easier it will be on you and your Yorkshire terrier. Begin socializing between six weeks and four months. At this point, your puppy will probably be able to handle being around new people and in public situations. Encourage your Yorkie to experience situations with as many trusted people as possible. Have your mother come over to your home and feed the dog a treat. Allow a friendly neighbor to pet its head. Take your dog to a friend's home for a gathering. If possible, get your dog around people of all different ethnic backgrounds, ages, hair color, weight and height.


    Protect your Yorkie from frightening circumstances. If your dog growls when one of your friends gets too close to it, instead of getting upset, politely tell the person to move away from the dog. Doing this will encourage your Yorkie to feel safe and protected by you, confident that you can take control of the situation.


    Expose your Yorkie to other dogs. Your Yorkshire terrier needs to get along not only with people, but with fellow dogs as well. Take your leashed puppy to a dog park so it can play around with other young puppies, and also with well-trained adult dogs. Early training will enable your dog to learn the ins and outs of doggie interaction, such as body language and sending signals. If you observe any bad behavior from your dog or another, get involved and stop it as soon as possible. In a relaxed and firm manner, remove your dog from the situation. Abstain from yelling and engaging in visibly upset behavior.


    Bring your Yorkie in the car for brief excursions. Get your dog acquainted with the concept of riding in the car. Allow your dog some time to adapt to cars for future veterinarian and grooming appointments and other outings.


    Expose your dog to loud and unusual sounds. New sounds can come across as alarming and scary to young puppies. Gradually get your dog used to sounds such as the vacuum cleaner, music playing on the stereo and the ringing of a cell phone.

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