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How to Rehabilitate Your Rescue Dog

While adopting a rescue dog is both rewarding and commendable, it can require a lot of work. Rescue dogs may have suffered neglect, abuse or abandonment. This means that your new dog may come with bad or strange behaviors. These dogs require more than just physical training; they require psychological training to help them adapt to their new home. Understanding your dog's reactions and needs will go a long way in making a happy home for the both of you.



    Work at establishing trust. Don't pat the top of its head; your dog may see this as a sign of aggression and may cower or run away. Hold out your hand, palm up. When your dog comes to sniff your hand, gently pat underneath its chin. If it is nervous or afraid, don't force petting or cuddling. Sit on the floor and wait for your dog to come to you. Speak softly; dogs don't respond well to raised voices. Praise your dog when it comes closer or touches your hand.


    Determine if and when your dog is afraid. Watch its body language in different situations. Fearful dogs may turn aggressive. Pair a positive reward with the object or person your dog seems afraid of. If your dog is fearful of men or shows aggression toward them, give the dog a treat or a toy to show that being around men can be a positive experience.


    If your dog eliminates in the house, this does not mean it hadn't been trained. Your dog may be exhibiting signs of stress from being uprooted again. Take your dog outside at specific times to eliminate. Praise your dog when it successfully eliminates outside. Clean up any signs of urine or defecation inside the house so that the scent is not there for the dog to mark.


    Separation anxiety is displayed by whining, crying, barking, chewing, defecating or urinating in the home. At first, leave the house and return after a few minutes on a random basis throughout the day. Your dog will not have the time to get anxious about your leaving and will gradually accept the idea that you will be coming and going. When you need to leave the home, and likewise when you return, do not make a point of long farewells or hellos. Have plenty of toys to keep your dog occupied. Put a radio or television on for noise and leave the lights on if it will be dark when you return.


    Exercise your dog at least twice a day. Chewing and destroying objects, or escaping the house or yard, are signs of boredom and anxiety. Your dog needs physical and mental stimulation. "...Many people consider that it must be necessary to get dog training tips preceding to having their pets. Some individuals might discover this fascinating but a lot of people might agree that this is a really good tip to follow. The problem with a number of pet owners is they will get a dog and then find out that they may be not suitable to be aware of them. Eventually, they might depart their pets in order to retrieve their previous lives. These dog training tips can let people learn what they should consider and if they have the time to teach their dogs. These guidelines will be found on Secrets To Dog Training. By taking the time to execute proper dog training, you will take pleasure in a lifetime of comfortable a relationship with your ".... Train it in the basic commands: sit, lie down, stay or wait, come and stop. Provide plenty of toys and engage with your dog.

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